About Gray Weddings & Events

Gray Weddings & Events is a full-service wedding and event planning and coordination company based out of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

We plan unique, heartfelt celebrations that are sure to leave lasting impressions for all. From helping find the perfect venue, to developing a minute-by-minute timeline, to ensuring everything is in place until the last dance of the evening, we help make sure everything is taken care of and every detail is accounted for. 

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About Caitlin Gray

Welcome! I am Caitlin Gray, owner of Gray Weddings & Events.

Gray Weddings & Events is a dream of mine I have wanted to make official for a long time. From the flowers to the fondant on the cake, I have loved every aspect of weddings for as long as I can remember. As a WPIC certified wedding planner, I offer a variety of packages to couples to help ensure that not one element of their wedding is overlooked.

At Gray Weddings & Events, couples can leave the stress to a professional and simply relax and take in the special moments and magic of their day. I look forward to working with couples on each and every detail to ensure their wedding day is one of the most memorable days of their life.

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